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Monica Ostby, President of Featured on Smartgirlsway!

by inlu blog patrol on December 1, 2011

Bio & Company Story:

Inlu Co-Founder, Jamaica Jenkins and I, both mothers of three, saw first hand how our beloved cultural celebrations not only have a negative environmental impact, but also miss out on technological advances that make life easier to organize. So, “in lieu of” excess, hassle, and waste, we created, an online web invitation service with a built in group giving system. Inlu enables friends and family to easily pitch in for what is truly wanted as a group – toward ANY gift, ANY charity, or BOTH – and streamline the process for everyone. We’ve also tied in a patent-pending carbon footprint tracker that demonstrates the positive impact of giving as a group.

Today, Inlu helps people organize group gifting across many occasions, from birthdays to weddings, to non-profit fund drives. Since launching, over 100 different charities have been supported – some multiple times. And unique gifts have been given: from birthday skateboards, to newlywed first home deposits, and growing family double strollers, to a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor in need.

We have seen our early adapters embrace this easy to use tool – with over 20% having used Inlu more than three times in the short time we have been live. One Inlu enthusiasts has already participated in over 25 Inlu collections. We hope to see the word about Inlu spread, so that everyone can experience the joy of our celebrations, without the hassle, excess, and waste that we all agree we can do without.

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Inlu NEWS: Yeehaw! Cowboys and Aliens Countdown

by inlu blog patrol on July 21, 2011