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Inlu This! Burton Chopper Star Wars™ Board

by inlu blog patrol on November 3, 2011

Welcome to the AWESOME side. Your kiddo’s got plenty of plastic toys. He’s got enough “stuff” to fill up a walk-in closet. This year, use the FORCE of Inlu to coordinate contributions to cover the cost of the most badass, radical, excellent group gift, like, EVER.

This $189 ride-on galaxy blaster will take you from the living room to the white fields of that planet with the hairy white creature that captures what’s-his-face in that cave…nevermind.

This is a perfect group gift for the Holiday season. Your kid will LOVE it, the grandparents will be happy to pitch-in and the favorite aunt in Oregon is pumped to put some $ in the pool, leave a note and know there’s not going to be an 11th hour mad dash. You’ll be PSYCHED because you know that, AFTER the new year, when the snow starts to pile, this gift will be  put to good use!

Here’s how you’d use Inlu to make this Chopper happen (see SAMPLE):

1. You login (free account!) and create an Inlu announcement

2. Write some details about the gift your kiddo really wants

3. Opt to set a collection cap, have excess funds go toward a charity (I set this one at $189- again, optional)

4. Send to friends and family members you know would like to pitch in for this super gift

5 . You track and view contributions and notes from your dashboard, where you can easily send a thank you when the collection closes.

6. Then you get the $ in one check to go and buy the gift. Easy, that was, hmmn? (say in cute Yoda voice).

Sound good? Get started now, send it to yourself. Add recipients when you’re ready. Go easy on everyone, easier on the planet (less wrapping, shipping and “stuff” when you group gift).


Winter Dreaming: 11 Idyllic Inlu Group Gifts

by inlu blog patrol on January 25, 2011

Well, it’s a tad cold up in the Northeast. And I’m kind of over the frozen fingers and ice blocked toes. I’m inside, wearing a beanie, a scarf and a sweater. It’s not my favorite time of year. It’s not really anyone’s idea of a good time to watch the temps drop to well below zero. And so, I thought, dang, what’s a better “group gift” than the gift of getting out of here?

Maybe it’s not gonna happen for me, but perhaps this will inspire a lucky wedding couple, long-time-love-birds or a family member who could use a break from this crazy, cold winter. Just think, if everyone pitched in, skipped the individual gifts, gift wrap and cards and all that jazz, you or someone you know could be on your way to a sunnier, “happy place” on planet earth.

Get ready to daydream.

1.Hotelito Desconocido. In Mexico. Near sand and water. Eco friendly. Windmill water power. No phones. Perfect.

2. Machu Picchu Sanctuary- “The only hotel near the famed Inca ruins, Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge matches luxurious comfort with ancient splendor.” – Kiwi Collection Yes please.

3. For the ladies: Pura Vida Adventure in Costa Rica. (Co-ed available too.) Looks good to me!

“Our surf and yoga retreats truly embrace the “pura vida” way: meeting new friends, sharing the sport of surfing, practicing the art of yoga, relaxation, laughter and fun.”

4.  For the entire family…Papillote Wilderness Retreat on Dominica, “the Nature Island of the Caribbean.” This eco-resort is smack dab in the middle of a rainforest. Sounds perfect! You wander. Eat mangoes. Love life. The website says it features “Comfortable, charming rooms overlooking gardens, mountains, waterfalls and pristine rainforest wilderness.” Ok. I’m sold.

5. I’ve been dreaming about this one for a long time: Atlantis. Dolphins and waterslides await. AND there’s plenty of quiet beach around.

6. Hawaii anyone? Kona Village Resort. It’s a pristine slice of rustic, tiki-hut-heaven on earth. The beaches, the pools, the hammocks by the sea. Aaaahhhhh….I can already feel the sunshine on my face.

7. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica. El Sapo Dorado is “The jewel of the tropical rainforest.”- Why not? Nearby boasts monkeys, ziplines, canopy tours and fresh food. Certainly beats today’s activity of bundling up for 30 minutes to head to the grocery store.

8. A little closer to reality: Canyon Ranch Spa Miami Beach. Ok, well, it’s still a fantasy but I’m gonna keep dreaming about this perfect getaway gift.

“Housed in the historic, superbly restored Carillon Hotel, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach will enchant you with its exquisite design and matchless ocean views. In a serene atmosphere of casual elegance, you will relax in a lavish suite, float in one of our four sparkling pools, savor award-winning cuisine and discover unsurpassed Canyon Ranch spa, fitness and wellness services.”

9. Head south. Check out some Mayan wonders. Recharge on life! This escape is filled with mystical wonder. HACIENDA CHICHEN RESORT & YAXKIN SPA -”Mexico’s Best Green Jungle Resort and  Eco-Spa Wellness Destination within the majestic Mayan site of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.” … ” Hacienda Chichen has recently been named one of the Top 50 Wellness Destinations in North America by National Geographic and its Yaxkin Spa has been selected in the Ten Best Eco-Spas of the World.” No twisting my arm. I’ll go!

10. A tad alternative to pure relaxation: pure adrenaline with Wide Open Baja Off Roading Tours. Sounds like a rally of time. I know a few people who would welcome this adventurous excursion right about now. This girl included. It would certainly shake me out of hibernation mode!

“You’ll explore the vast expanse of  Baja’s wide open spaces. Pristine beaches, beautiful desert vistas, steep inland canyons, quaint villages, historic stops and of course exhilarating off-road driving is waiting for you.”

11. Big Sur Getaway at Ventana Inn & Spa. This resort on over 200 acres of wooded, oceanside property, is serenity at its finest. Plus, they take all kinds of earth-friendly initiatives to keep the land as it should be. Check this place out and tell me it’s an AWESOME group gift idea!

And so, now that you are all daydreaming about that escape from the mid-winter freeze, I’ll leave you to go back to my icy and imaginary-filled existence…for now. Cheers and Happy Inlu-ing!



Inlu Explained (Like Totally)

by inlu blog patrol on October 11, 2010

Ok, so many people have asked “how did you come up with the idea for” and we say, well, it kind of found us. As busy moms we found ourselves in a trap. A trap that felt something like this:

TRAP 1: Receive invitation to party. Forget to RSVP on time. Run around at the last minute. Buy some plastic thing “just because.” Spend $5 on wrapping paper, bow and card. Add gift to pile. REPEAT.

Then, the roles would flip-flop and the trap would feel like this:

TRAP 2: Plan kids birthday party (or holiday party or mother’s bday or husband’s party or offce party, etc). Invite 20 friends. Prepare for 20 gifts to pile up. Get stressed over too much stuff. Feel bad throwing away all wrapping paper, bows and excess packaging etc. REPEAT.

The cycle had us caught in both directions! One day we decided to try and change that.

We thought, dang, if we created an invitation service that let you RSVP, contribute and leave a note on the spot, we’d make life SO much easier for everyone.

Plus, we thought that $5/per gift on wrapping paper (x20 people @$100 in wasted money) would surely be useful elsewhere- to a cause, charity or community effort. We wanted to offer an easier way that didn’t lose any of the meaningful experience. So, that’s how it started and here’s our low budget lowdown of what we do and how we got the idea:

If you could use some comedic timing, do not hesitate to see our investor pitch outtakes. This video is like, waaay stupid.


More trees, please. (Thank You INLU Users!)

by inlu blog patrol on June 30, 2010

(Woot! FIVE FIFTY more trees thanks to INLU users!)


We figure you’re busy like us. If you are, you’re faced with the everyday challenge: to balance convenience with conscience. It’s like, I don’t single-handedly have time to save the planet, but I don’t want to trash the place either.

With all the oil spillage and the plastic island info floating around (sad pun intended), it’s hard NOT to think, “dang it, we really HAVE TO take better care of this planet.” But how? Where to start?

(Pause to refelect. BAM. real life interrupts sentimental thoughts … phone rings, emails ping and the millions of distractions flood your mind…) dang it. busy…right…planet…ok, so um, well…

Back to the daily dilemma: HOW TO balance RUNNING AROUND with FEELING LIKE YOU DIDN’T DESTROY the place.

Well, we’re not claiming to be green goddesses flying in on our eco-cloud but we DID design a little feelgood element into our service. It’s just a little  something to make that planet part of your brain say, “aaaahhh…”

Visit Inlu.comINLU PLANET POINTS are what we call ‘edutainment’. We’ve concocted a LOOSE yet scientifically based point-yielding formula that will result in a happier planet.


Here’s the deal—INLU empowers people to choose the EASY WAY to skip EXCESS GIFTS and SHIPPING (thanks to a group pitch-in process) while conceptually tracking reduced CO2 and wasted “stuff.” After you create an INLU, you and all contributors (who pitched in IN LIEU OF excess, hassle and waste) will receive INLU PLANET POINTS.

Then what?

For every 10k points, Team Inlu makes a donation to plant a tree via American Forests. DONE.

BONUS! We’re so excited about INLU users hitting 50k Planet Points that we’re doing something cool.

We’ve decided to go crazy with our start-up budget and donate to plant 10 trees for every 10,000 Planet Points for our first 100,000 points! We can’t do much but we are doing this together to make a difference. Thank You INLU USERS!