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Top Ten Tuesday: Fresh n’ Funky Eco-Friendly Group Gift Ideas

by inlu blog patrol on November 15, 2011

The gifting season is so close I can almost smell the pine tree sap. If you’re like me, in charge of figuring out what everyone wants, why not consider something planet friendly and the perfect group gift? Make it easy on everyone, including the planet! Examples? Simply send an Inlu invitation through the office, ask the cubicle posse to pitch in for something fresh and funky. Invite siblings to go in for one really cool, handmade or earth friendly gift for the grandparents. Collect enough from all the cousins to get Uncle Nice a fabulous piece of art. You get it- people pitch in as a group in lieu of a bunch of people buying, wrapping and shipping. It just makes sense!

Here are 10 Fun, Fresh Green Gift Options:

1. Eco Friendly Abstract Art on Salvaged Wood (12 SMALL Tree Rings)

These are a creative, cool eco-friendly gift perfect for any boss, friend or relative who digs artsy deco. You can create a custom arrangement based on the space. focuslineart, $300

2. EarthPan Eco Friendly Kitchenware

This is perfect for the foodie in your life who loves to cook but doesn’t want the icky chemicals on many stove top essentials- a GREAT group gift for an aunt, uncle, parents or grandparents. Perhaps you have a newlywed couple with ubertastebuds on your list? Pool funds and get them one gift they’ll use together to make all those fancy dishes the rest of us can’t. Earthpan 10 Piece Set $149.99. (Admittedly, not funky or handmade BUT the food that comes of it = no toxins and it’s a fresh idea for a great gift:).

3. Mirrored Wine Glass Holder

Cheers to great art! Hang two wine glasses on this fabulous, mirrored frame made from recycled metal. What a cool gift for the wine lovers in your life. LarsMetalReflection, $225

4. Upcycled Biycle Tire Clock

Got a brother who digs bikes? A sister who races downhill? Anyone in your family a beach cruising fool? Well, why not pitch in together and get an upcycled spoke-style clock? Love it. upcyclebicycle, $109

5. Elk Head Wall Art from Recycled Machinery

Know an urban soul longing for a trip to the backwoods? This Elk Head is created entirely from recycled farm machinery and is made in rural Pennsylvania. Gift hunters will score on this unique craftsmanship. Perfect in a work or social setting! TheSteelFork, $380

6. Recycled Glass Art

This whimsical piece is crafted from broken glass. It would be an excellent gift from the kids to a mother or grandmother. I can see it now in the entryway, capturing what winter sunlight it can find. RECreationsART, $275

6.  Peace of Art

This 44″ peace of art will make a BIG statement. It’s recycled and handmade and totally awesome. So, why not give peace a chance? (Especially when friends come together to split the cost!)  Uncommon Goods, $1900

7.  45 RPM Mirror

This retro record wall-mounted mirror by Jeff Davis will add a touch of color to any room in the house. The frame of the mirror is composed of 12 vintage 45 rpm records mounted on Trupan, a composite wood created from 100% sustainable lumber. Mirrors are made using actual vintage records from a variety of genres, and chosen for their visual appeal. EcoArtware $130

8. Coconut Shell Earrings, Hand Crafted in Thailand

Love these ‘Lotus Love’ earrings! Again, these would great from the grown up kids to the much deserving  mom. “Shaped by hand, lovely lotus petals of coconut shell nestle in shining silver.” Sustainable and simple. Novica, $104.99

9. BlueIQ Ecosystem

This is an excellent group gift for a boss or coworker because it’s an entirely balanced ecosystem fit for a small space, like a desktop. It’s clever, cool and fascinating. You can add shrimp and snails and plants, oh my! BLUEiQ $79 + accessories.

10. 7 FT Farmstyle Recaimed Dining Set

Last year, did you happen to notice time has taken its toll on the family table? Does it wobble too and fro? Are you short a few seats now that the grandkids have come along? Well check out this reclaimed dining set! It comes with 2 7 ft benches so the entire brood can brunch together. ModernRust, $759

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25 Fabulous Group Gift Collections from REAL Inlu Users

by inlu blog patrol on October 27, 2011

how inlu works

If you have used Inlu to collect for any gift, any charity or both, you know there are endless ideas out there. So many great gifts can be given by simplifying and streamlining the process! If you’ve never used Inlu but have wondered, what the heck are people collecting for ?, here’s a fabulous list of gifts and collections that will inspire you to collect for something awesome: something your friends, family members or yes, even you’d really love.

1. First House Deposit

2. iPad

3. Skateboard

4. Dollhouse

5. Legos

6. Design Your Own Converse

7. Tech Pen

8. Spa Treatments

9. Airplane Tickets

10. Camera Lenses

11. Bulk purchases

12. Tap Shoes and Tap Dance Lessons

13. Vespa Riding Outfit

14. Flowers

15. Wheelchair ramp

16. Medical Assistance Funds

17. The Beatles Video Game

18. Broadway Play Tickets

19. A Day At The Mac Store (gift certificate)

20. An Olympic Hopeful’s Training Fund

21. Fish Aquarium

22. A New Business Start Up Fund

23. Travel Funds for a Middle School National Championship Game

24. Drumset (and Headphones!)

25. Double Strollers and Infant Car Seats

Want to try it?


Etsy Artwork = Perfect Group Gift

by inlu blog patrol on September 17, 2011

Have you ever stopped in your tracks to gaze at a piece of art, thinking THAT would be a perfect piece in my house! Do you know an artsy couple about to get hitched? Do you happen to know a local artist you’d love to add to your collection? Could your inlaws use some artistic inspiration in their house? Well, Inlu makes it super easy to round up funds for artwork! And what better site to explore than Etsy? Here are some Etsy art shops that offer cool, unique pieces that would make the recipient smile! (Here’s a sample featuring artwork as the INLU GROUP GIFT),


Etsy Artwork by NewModernArt $245.00

Ben Will Studio

$150.00 USD © 2011 BenWill Studio.

New Wave Art Gallery

Original Painting Fine Art Modern Abstract by Henry Parsinia $450.00


LARGE Cherry Blossom Painting Gold Red Black Abstract Modern $285.00 USD

ChristineKrainock Contemporary Art

Modern, Abstract, Metallic Oil, Silver, Textured, Knife Painting $190.00 USD


Art Original Acrylic Painting of Ballerina at Rest in Old Studio Room In Repose $175.00 USD


Autumn Splendor -Original Acrylic Textured Painting $225.00 USD


JMJARTSTUDIO Original 3 Piece Painting 24 X 54 Inches $259.00 USD


AmyGiacomelli -- $275.00 USD


Sunshine Burst of Joy $315.00 USD

Collecting from a group to buy a piece of art is a cinch. Simply create an Inlu, explain WHY the artwork is special and invite people to pitch in!


Jewelry. Aaah. Fabulous, sparkly…jewelry.  You can’t go wrong with unique adornments, now can you? Choose something spectacular for that special someone- the options are ever-changing, especially with up-cycled, re-fabricated jewelry. No two pieces are exactly the same! Ecofabulous lined up a bunch of great ideas, like:

1. Chandelier Earrings

Rock what’s right…now. And feel great because no matter your pals’ budget, these chandelier earrings are simply stunning. The ethically sourced diamonds by Jennifer Dawes jewelry or a lower budget but just as bold, double crystal earrings by Amanda Pearl,  are the perfect choice for the new bride (from the brides maids perhaps?) or anyone celebrating in style.

2. Dinosaur – Recycled Gold & / or Silver

This is a unique gift for someone with a wild side! It’s more fun than a fossil and flashier than a prehistoric pendant. It’s recycled…and that means it’s getting a new lease on life, which is more than we can say for those dinosaurs…right?  Both the t-rex ($70) and brontosaurus (gold, $345; silver, $70) are as ecofabulous says, “dino-mite!”

3. Recycled Gold via AmaraGold

“AmaraGold’s simple and classic bangles ($125+)were built for layering, their cascading waterfall necklaces (shown-$650) is an easy way to dress up casual outfits. We are also fans of their durable rope rings ($225) and chunky hoop earrings ($80+).” Ditto, agreed…exactly what they said.

4. The Andean Collection

This artisan-meets-urban jewelry line is made of “natural, sustainably harvested materials via a very low energy process” and the line was founded “with the focus of bringing sustainable change to Ecuadorian communities.” This is a personal Inlu blog lady favorite….LOVE the orange/red necklace.

5. Clyde’s Rebirth

Clyde’s Rebirth is a line of jewelry made of entirely vintage and found materials (light bulbs, rocks, fabrics and more).  The company profile reads:

Take 2 parts crazy cat lady,
3 parts dreamer,
A dash of limited math skills,
Mix until frothy.

I guess that’s all that needs to be said!

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Housewarming Ideas Via….

Know anyone ready to receive a housewarming gift? Perhaps it’s a newlywed couple. A college student setting off to face an empty dorm? Maybe your parents are downsizing. Who knows, it could be a neighbor moving away and you want to send them off in style. No matter who is settling where, a group gift is a spectacular way to say, ‘welcome home’.

Today, we’ve found some seriously cool housewarming gifts over @ ecofabulous that would make new homeowners squeal with delight! Whether it’s you + a few pals pitching in to welcome a new neighbor (smaller budget), or a blockparty going off the charts for a massive housewarming effort (bigger  bucket), these will make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy…and ready to kick their feet up and relax.

1. Recycled Party Pitcher

Why not say “welcome to the neighborhood!” with this recycled party pitcher? It’s perfect for the housewarming BBQ, ladies night and summertime lemonade. This cork-topper keeps it sealed and the recycled glass drink dispenser from West Elm ($59) is a sure winner.

2. Recycled Tire Rug

If the new homeowners HAPPEN to like biking, this is the perfect gift! It’s a rug made from recycled tires (I know, right??). “The rubber material is super easy to clean (light vacuum or wash with water and eco-friendly soap) and allows you to be supporting the bike culture even when you’re not cruising around on two-wheels.” For info on pricing and dealers in your area, click here.

3. Organic Ink Table Setting, Napkins & Apron

With every new home comes a variety of blank canvases, like whitewashed walls, undressed windows and finally-cleared-off tables. If you’re looking to give something that will make a statement and create a look, check out Katherine Lee’s aprons, napkins, table runners, tea towels, pillow shams, and others like, red arrow organic cotton cafe apron ($60), chevron print organic tea towels ($18), and mermaid print napkins ($30).

4.  Lighting!

Ecofabulous has a few unique, eco friendly lighting suggestions, like LightenUp Designs lamps made from natural clay and homemade non-toxic glaze and these gold splattered “sterling” candle sticks ($175 for 2). Brilliant!

5. Hammock…Made from Seatbelts?

Buckle up for this group gift idea: the TING Sling ($744). There’s nothing much to say except have a look and relaaaax… A bit outta budget? There are pillows to make any outdoor space “click” (sorry for the bad puns…it’s hot out…).

6. Bloom Organic Cotton Duvet from Wildflower Organics

This duvet will welcome anyone to stay in bed and snuggle on a lazy Sunday morning. Home-sweet-home.

7. VerTerra Dinnerware

“Given that Americans throw out nearly 100 billion plastic, paper and styrofoam plates and cups each year–most of which are made from petroleum-based plastics, hazardous foam or chlorine-bleached paper–isn’t it time we embrace the sustainable credo that waste equals food?” WE say heck yes, and pass it along (or at least deliver  tray of welcome cupcakes on a biodegradable platter) ! Check out these lovely, light-weight biodegradable collection of plates, bowls, cups and platters. So worth it.


Photo Credit: Joanna Puza Photography

Kids! Our family has three of them (six combined from the co-founders). They rack up  a lot of birthdays (and baby showers, before they arrive). And, likewise, we attend baby showers, toddler birthdays and preschool parties, all with a gift in hand. Not that we don’t love gifts (and we LOVE giving them), but you can easily spend $5 on a bag to put it in + tissue paper + cards, several times a month (you get the point). What we’re all about at Inlu is simplifying by making group gifting easy for any gift out there, and with less run-around for everyone (and less mess on the planet).

So, in our search for cool gift ideas, we’ve peeked around ecofabulous for some simple group gift ideas that would be both a) awesome as a group gift for the youngest generation and b) feel-good to contribute to as a participant in a group gift! So, if you have kids or might be expecting one soon, check out these group gift ideas:

ONE: Taika Walker-Bike:
These kid cruisin wheels feature “FSC certified wood, finished with water-based low VOC paints and stains, Taika “walker-bikes”($175 AUS) will have your young one scootin’ around safely and sustainably.”

TWO: Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Wooden Doll House:

“Not only does this house teach your little one key environmental themes (recycling, solar power, rainwater collection), but it’s made of only renewably sourced rubber-wood and non-toxic paint ($149).”

THREE: Eco sheepskin blanket from Nature Baby

Bye Bye synthetic blankies. This natural woolly woobie is an excellent group gift for a new arrival or a toddler who likes to snuggle. “Unlike the conventional sheepskins on the market that are tanned with hazardous chemicals that can off-gas, Nature Baby hand-processes without any toxic materials so you can rest assured your child’s skin won’t be exposed to anything but super soft fibers.” ($99)

FOUR: Hatchling Tees and Onesies from

What Grandma or Grandpa wouldn’t want to pitch in for a new TEE collection that is “made in the USA using super soft organic cotton with azo free dyes and non-toxic inks.” ($26/each, $104 for 4)

FIVE: Recycled Milk Jug Toys

Wow- this is radical. Jumpstart healthy play with recycled milk carton toys! You can collect for one or an entire basket full of smart, sustainable toys. AND, in lieu of the landfill, you can  recycle 100% of the minimal  packaging. Then, you can continue the happy-cycle when you hand them down the line…:) Green Toys, price varies.

SIX: Serena & Lily Bedset

The thing about babies? They require a place to sleep once they arrive! What’s better than an eco-friendly, 100% organic cotton collection to place that bundle of sweet joy? Nothing, except when they fall asleep in your arms. (Sigh…babies are awesome).

SEVEN: Sustainable Pillows from Jaya Loves Tekeko

Well, these are cuddly cool. “Made with organic bamboo and organic cotton, the pillows ($62) are stuffed with kapok fiber – a fluffy filling that is even lighter than down and is naturally resistant to dust mites. With a removable (and thus washable!) cover printed with non-toxic water-based inks,” these are safe and super fabulous.

EIGHT: Green Gift Basket of Goodies

Upon browsing, we saw lots of smaller ticket items that, in combination would make kickin’ group gift basket. Check out the baby care page @ecofabulous for a fantastic assortment of quality, nontoxic lotions potions and baby-skin smoothers.

NINE: Calming Baby Gift Set from Babo Botanicals

“Made in up-state New York, Babo Botanicals’ line of bath products for newborns (such as the Lavender Meadowsweet gift set $45) is made from certified organic ingredients…with anti-oxidants and vitamins to allow for superior protection and care.” There are several gift sets in different price ranges here.

TEN: Hushamok Organic Baby Hammock

“A lightweight aluminum stand and 100% organic cotton baby hammock come together to form a modern day alternative to the traditional bassinet ($409). The swinging and rocking motion will soothe young ones right to sleep (which means more snooze time for you too!).”

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Tip ‘o the Group Gifting Hat to: ecofabulous

July 26, 2011

We’ve set out to find an inspiring site that features cool product ideas with a greener conscience. Voila: ecofabulous. With back to school just around the corner (and back to birthdays, meetings, teacher appreciation, and all that jazz), we thought we’d jump start the creative options for giving this new season. We’ll be doing a [...]

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10 Group Gift Ideas for Kids & Tweens that Aren’t “Things”

June 28, 2011

In lieu of “what do you want for your birthday?” you can always ask, “what would you like to DO to celebrate your birthday?” Here are ten cool ideas that aren’t “things” (less landfill!) but make excellent group gifts because they can be pricey (perfect for splitting the cost!) and they are super fun. 1. [...]

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6 Ways Inlu is Here for YOU in 2011

January 7, 2011

It’s one week into 2011, and long after the fizzy drinks have gone flat, our Inlu goals for 2011 beam down from neon notes on the wall. This year, we are committed to a continuing dream that we can help our users: 1. To simplify. In lieu of running around, writing checks and all that [...]

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December 7, 2010

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