We Love User Testimonials!

November 4, 2012

    Thank you Kerrin for sharing your Inlu experience! “I have to tell you how easy and successful our coaches gift money raising collection was this year with Inlu!!!  I didn’t even set it up until after the season was over and I think we brought in more money than we ever have before….plus [...]

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What type of collection are YOU creating?

October 6, 2012

  Thanks to idea sharing with, and feedback from our Inlu users, we are thrilled to offer an enhancement to our service.  There are now three distinct types of collections you can create using Inlu. The Gift Collection… When you want to celebrate an occasion and give a gift in a more meaningful (and planet [...]

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And the answer is…

September 17, 2012

    So I’m talking to someone about Inlu and prepare for the frequently asked question: “What is Inlu in five words or less.” Sure we have a tagline:  “Group giving for a happier planet.”  And a true line (our internal mantra): “Every Inlu makes a difference.”  But these seem to make more sense when [...]

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Teens Create Their Own Opportunities: The Story of Spotted Pup Productions

September 10, 2012

    My name is Noa Saunders and I’m a 15 year old theater rat!  I’ve been crazy about musical theater for as long I can remember. I started performing in community shows when I was seven years old and since then I have been in more than 30 theatrical productions and countless dance and [...]

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VT’s First Non-Profit Palooza – Proud to be a part of it.

August 9, 2012

    When the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce in Vermont and the Maritime Festival needed to find a way to let generous people easily contribute in one click to over 40 non-profit organizations Team Inlu was on the job. We are proud to be part of the First Non-Profit Palooza and in awe of [...]

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An Awesome Way To Say “Thanks Mom”

July 7, 2012

      In two weeks, my mom will be traversing the Swiss Alps by foot thanks to her friends, family, and Inlu.com. On May 4th, 2012, she celebrated her 60th birthday. Really, she spent the last year preparing for what she wanted age 60 to feel like. She set a goal to get in [...]

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Help Colorado As A Group

June 28, 2012

    You can use Inlu to coordinate a group collection to help residents of Colorado as they work through the wildfires in the Colorado Springs area and beyond. When creating your Inlu, you can send GIFT funds to a person in need.  OR you can  ADD YOUR OWN CHARITY and direct the funds to [...]

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Reduce a Negative & Enact a Positive

May 15, 2012

    We love this statement: “Reduce a negative and enact a positive.” Our friends at The Green Air Project introduced the language that Team Inlu feels we’ve been working on delivering from day one… enacting a positive. There are many ways to reduce: transportation, electricity, recycling.  But to “enact”…  to take a positive step [...]

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The Better Way To Birthday… For Kids

April 24, 2012

    Question: Is it tacky to organize a group gift for your child’s birthday? Answer: No, as long as it’s done in an etiquette-friendly way. Here’s  the deal… Inlu web invitations are designed to handle the gift giving of our favorite personal celebrations with the greatest etiquette and care.  As a result, we’ve seen [...]

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Parent Patrol made easy…

April 20, 2012

    Check out our new segment specifically for parents! It’s filled with examples of how Inlu can help parents streamline giving, ease the collection process for school efforts and more, and give their kids a chance to make a powerful difference. (See some Inlu kids feeling the pride of empowerment here.) We’re working on [...]

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