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We Love User Testimonials!

by Inlu Blog Patrol on November 4, 2012



Thank you Kerrin for sharing your Inlu experience!

“I have to tell you how easy and successful our coaches gift money raising collection was this year with Inlu!!!  I didn’t even set it up until after the season was over and I think we brought in more money than we ever have before….plus I didn’t have to pester anyone on the sidelines!  Thank you so much for creating this business!  Somehow, every year in football season, I end up being the one that organizes this effort and it’s such a pain in the neck.  This year it was a piece of cake!”

Let Inlu help streamline YOUR collection efforts!
Questions:   We’re here for you!


What type of collection are YOU creating?

by Inlu Blog Patrol on October 6, 2012


Thanks to idea sharing with, and feedback from our Inlu users, we are thrilled to offer an enhancement to our service.  There are now three distinct types of collections you can create using Inlu.

The Gift Collection…
When you want to celebrate an occasion and give a gift in a more meaningful (and planet friendly) way choose the Gift Collection.   You can invite people to ‘in lieu of’ traditional gifting, give instead together toward something truly wanted.  The result: you see the joy (really) in receiving that special something, you see your guests get to enjoy the occasion without the hassle of the pre-party gifting runaround, and in the end, you feel pretty darn good.  A great solution, and everyone is happy.  SEE A GIFT COLLECTION SAMPLE.

The Gift Certificate Collection Option…
One step up is to use our Group Gift Certificate option by selecting a gift certificate for the perfect gift: a beautiful portrait session for the mom-to-be, a shop-till-you-drop for your favorite outdoor adventure seeker,  the perfect way to say “Thank you, teacher.” with a little something… fabulous, or perhaps a night of freaking yumminess for a well deserved friend (who might invite you to come along with!).

The NEW Cash Collection Option…
But sometimes, the need is to simply streamline the process of pitching in, in lieu of checks, in lieu of bake sales, in lieu of… wondering how the heck to bring your dream project to life.  THAT is when you can create a Cash Collection.  Straight up.  Invite YOUR PEOPLE:  be it your friends and family, your neighbors, your Facebook friends, even your outreach to mega-bloggers around the globe.  Let them know what your up to and make it easy for them to pitch in.  

With any type of Inlu, the sharing is easy and the result is meaningful.  That’s why our team’s mantra is “Every Inlu makes a difference.”  It does to us… and we like to believe it does to our Mother Earth too.  So bring it on people.  Group give for a happier planet. Yeah!

As always, we’re here for you:


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The Better Way To Birthday… For Kids

by Inlu Blog Patrol on April 24, 2012



Is it tacky to organize a group gift for your child’s birthday?

No, as long as it’s done in an etiquette-friendly way.

Here’s  the deal…
Inlu web invitations are designed to handle the gift giving of our favorite personal celebrations with the greatest etiquette and care.  As a result, we’ve seen guests, friends, family, and honorees absolutely LOVE Inlu for birthdays.  Here’s why…

1. Honorees receive something that they would not have otherwise been given because the item is either too expensive or no one knows what the person wants in the first place. Take my son, for example. He started saving for an iPad, but my husband and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to save enough in time for his birthday. It was all he really wanted. He was willing to not only work toward it, but to give up other gifts to have it.  If he used traditional birthday invitations he certainly wouldn’t have seen kids showing up with iPads for him!  Through such experiences, kids learn the value of saving to reach a goal.  And man, are they happy when that special gift is finally in their hands.

HINT:  Remember – Inlu is cash collection tool so if you have a child who has a few gifts on their wish list, you can use the funds to buy more than one gift!

2. Guests love Inlu too.  It just makes the birthday process soooooo much easier.  No shopping.  No guessing what someone wants.  No arriving late because they had to stop at the shop on the way – oh, and had to pick up wrapping paper and a card too.  (See our past blog: “Big Lesson From A Little Receipt”)  Sounds crazy, but we actually have Inlu users who contact us – to vent really – when they are invited to non-Inlu birthday parties and have to go through the grab-a-gift routine.  “Why doesn’t everyone just do an inlu?!” (We wish everyone would too!)

HINT: Creating an Inlu enables you to give people the option of whether or not to participate in the group gift.  If someone really wants to bring their own gift, they can RSVP without pitching in.  Language like this can help:  “Joey has been wishing for a new bike.  If in lieu of a gift you’d rather pitch in toward it he would be thrilled!”

INTERESTING FACT:  We love that guests really do use all of the options every Inlu offers:  When both a gift and a charity are offered, some give to just the gift, some to just the charity, and some give to both.  Some opt to keep their donation amount private, others do not.  Some add the credit card and transaction fee, some opt to subtract it.  (In fact we’ve heard from numerous guests how thankful they are that our system is so transparent and they are in control of where their money is going.)  The point is, Inlu invitations give your guests the information, options, and control they want when invited to participate.

3. Organizers’ lives are easier too.  We’ve seen it over and over again. Just like ‘getting into’ Facebook that first time, organizers can have a fear of the unknown.  However, once a person creates an Inlu for the first time, and sees the RSVPs, contributions, messages from their guests, they are delighted – and amazed at how easy it all is. (Not to mention they also receive great praise from guests for making their lives so much easier!)  Check out this former blog post with TESTIMONIALS.

HINT:  People like to use Inlu as a birthday reminder to family and loved ones too. This way birthdays aren’t forgotten and everyone gets to participate in a meaningful way. Your family will come to rely on you sending out that Inlu for each birthday and other special occasions.  They will, in fact, demand your Inlu!  “When are you doing Susie’s Inlu?! I don’t want to be left out!”  (We love family.)

4. The Planet loves when people use Inlu.  We just have to reiterate it.  When people pitch in for something that is truly wanted, less waste will go to the landfill.  Think about this stat from one of our favorite eco-friendly sources,  for every 1 can of trash you bring to the curb,  7 (seven) more cans of trash are used in the production process before you even bring your stuff home with you in the first place.

Reducing waste while giving what’s truly wanted is a win win for everyone.

5. Charities are happy too.  With every Inlu you have the choice to support a charity – either in lieu of a gift, in addition to a gift, or as the “overflow” option once your gift cap has been met.  Our users have supported over 100 charities of across the U.S.  Even small contributions matter and Inlu makes it simple and easy for you to make a difference.   (Check out these Inlu kids in action supporting the charities they care about.)

Here are some samples:
1. A birthday invitation with both a gift and a charity.
2. A birthday reminder announcement to family for a gift only.

For more information about how Inlu helps parents in general check this out:






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Testimonials: Inlu Users Show Some Love

by inlu blog patrol on November 29, 2011

Happy Day! We’d like to take a moment to share some of our more recent testimonials. Enjoy.

Just created my first INLU and to be honest, I think I’m hooked. I passed it along to my very “green” family and hope they use it and pass it along too. We ALL need to INLU, I’m convinced! We love going to INLU parties where we don’t need to stress about buying a gift, wrapping a gift and hoping the recipient doesn’t have one already. Gift opening doesn’t take 45 minutes and there isn’t all that trash and waste to further clutter our planet. Love the charity aspect too! Just wishing you were around when I got married.- Heidi

AO glass loves Inlu. Wow, I learned a lot while creating our first Inlu. Thank you for providing a smart and efficient way of sending invitations. Our fundraising campaign “Trailblazer for AO Glass” went so well. Thank you Monica for putting this together in less than a week. We look forward to use Inlu for our future Group Gifting. Thank you. – Rich

Just used inlu to organize a big Halloween Party. EASY! Guest contributions will pay for the facility rental and food – plus we’re raising money for Vermont farmers impacted by Hurricane Irene flooding last month. There was no other tool that would allow me to invite guests, pay for party costs, and raise money for charity at the same time. Nice job inlu! – Duncan

This is the second year we have used inlu to coordinate our daughter’s birthday party and it has made the gift-giving conundrum a lot easier.  We normally acquire most of our toys second-hand to keep usable things out of landfills and extend the lives of already manufactured items…but it’s so difficult to ask guests to do the same. I am uncomfortable with the amount of packaging the comes with the mountain of new plastic toys a child receives for a birthday and was looking for a way to minimize the mountain down to a molehill.  My college friend suggested I try the inlu site.  MAGIC!!!  My daughter asked for tap lessons so her friends donated for tap lessons and tap shoes – and they also donated to the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation!  Many of the parents thanked me for making the gift giving easier on them – they were happy that they didn’t need to make an extra trip to the store, didn’t need to try to pick something out for a child they didn’t know, didn’t need to wrap anything, and didn’t need to schlep anything to the party but their child.  I was happy that I didn’t need to throw a lot of trash away or bring a lot of junk into my house. – Rebecca

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE inlu? Thank you AGAIN for helping with team/coaches gifts. You make life so easy when trying to coordinate season end gifts! ? – Leslie

So impressed with what we can do with inlu! Thanks to (Sue & Duncan’s) brilliant planning, a ‘hood Halloween party has raised over $600 for the Intervale Center Farmers Recovery Fund so far. Partying with a purpose. I love it! Hey, can I get one of those “we inlu” stickers for my car? – Wendy

The power of good people can move mountains! Yeah for you guys!- Sueann

We love Inlu! Today a great big check arrived in the mail– an Inlu was generated for our shop! Now, some lucky gal is getting exactly what she wants (just a Little Something), and we are getting a very happy customer! Thanks, Inlu!!- A Little Something

If you haven’t stopped by our Facebook wall in awhile, please do! We’d love to hear from you. Ready to try Inlu? GET STARTED!

And PS, WE are thankful for each of you!


Friendly (Fluffy) Reminder: Buy LOCAL Gifts!

by inlu blog patrol on November 26, 2011


Holiday Potluck Party for a Cause

by inlu blog patrol on November 25, 2011

Ok, so the turkey leftovers are wrapped in the fridge and life is good. We still have another solid month + of evening get togethers, office holiday huddles and other cheery merrymaking. So, why not get the friends together, and in lieu of bringing gifts, ask people to pitch in for any cause? Pick a local homeless shelter. Raise funds for the rainforest. Collect from your friends, buy dog food for a dog rescue. The ideas are limitless.

Here’s a sample of a Potluck Dinner for a Cause using to coordinate a collection for any cause this Holiday:

Click to View a Sample!


Top Ten Tuesday: Fresh n’ Funky Eco-Friendly Group Gift Ideas

November 15, 2011

The gifting season is so close I can almost smell the pine tree sap. If you’re like me, in charge of figuring out what everyone wants, why not consider something planet friendly and the perfect group gift? Make it easy on everyone, including the planet! Examples? Simply send an Inlu invitation through the office, ask [...]

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4 Ways to Handle Inlu Gift Collection Funds

November 10, 2011

We like chatting about all the fabulous ways to spend final gift collection funds. Today, we want to focus on the four main ways Inlu Gift Collection funds are pooled and sent. (As the Gift Collection Organizer, you can choose how to handle your Gift Collection Funds)… 1. Consolidate and Send Simply coordinate the collection [...]

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Inlu This! Burton Chopper Star Wars™ Board

November 3, 2011

Welcome to the AWESOME side. Your kiddo’s got plenty of plastic toys. He’s got enough “stuff” to fill up a walk-in closet. This year, use the FORCE of Inlu to coordinate contributions to cover the cost of the most badass, radical, excellent group gift, like, EVER. This $189 ride-on galaxy blaster will take you from [...]

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Watch This Wednesday! ($1 Will Go To The Athlete Recovery Fund)

November 2, 2011 users have supported a variety of causes over the past two years. Today, I’d like to simply share a way you can support an industry and passion that is near and dear to many of our users: action sports. By simply watching this video, $1 (up to $100k) will be donated by Ballpark Franks [...]

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