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Share Holiday Wishlists… and relax.

by Inlu Blog Patrol on December 8, 2012


Not looking for a pair of pink fuzzy bunny PJs?
(RE our favorite holiday movie – and now a playA Christmas Story)

If you’re looking to give (and receive) what is truly wanted this Holiday – while you reduce waste, and remove hassle from the holiday gifting equation -

Than, Inlu.  Share holiday wishlists, pitch in and sign each others cards, and keep the gifting funding in your local economy…   All good.  Here’s how.

Create a “GIFT” Inlu collection listing a special item each member of your household is hoping for.

Direct the funds to you, then share your Inlu with your family, and let them pitch in.

Ask your spread-across-the-country family to create their own Inlus doing the same, and pitch in to theirs.

Go out and shop locally to purchase the items you placed on your wishlist as you watch the contributions toward them come in.  (Consider the contributions a reimbursement you’ll receive later.)

Wrap the special items you bring home to place them under the tree (or where ever) and print the keepsake card everyone one signed.  Voila.

When the time finally comes to open the gifts, you’ll know that what was truly wanted is received by all of your family.

Click here to LEARN MORE.  And watch this VIDEO for more…

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Friendly (Fluffy) Reminder: Buy LOCAL Gifts!

by inlu blog patrol on November 26, 2011


Holiday Potluck Party for a Cause

by inlu blog patrol on November 25, 2011

Ok, so the turkey leftovers are wrapped in the fridge and life is good. We still have another solid month + of evening get togethers, office holiday huddles and other cheery merrymaking. So, why not get the friends together, and in lieu of bringing gifts, ask people to pitch in for any cause? Pick a local homeless shelter. Raise funds for the rainforest. Collect from your friends, buy dog food for a dog rescue. The ideas are limitless.

Here’s a sample of a Potluck Dinner for a Cause using to coordinate a collection for any cause this Holiday:

Click to View a Sample!


Who are We Thankful For? (You!)

by inlu blog patrol on November 23, 2011


Top Ten Tuesday: Fresh n’ Funky Eco-Friendly Group Gift Ideas

by inlu blog patrol on November 15, 2011

The gifting season is so close I can almost smell the pine tree sap. If you’re like me, in charge of figuring out what everyone wants, why not consider something planet friendly and the perfect group gift? Make it easy on everyone, including the planet! Examples? Simply send an Inlu invitation through the office, ask the cubicle posse to pitch in for something fresh and funky. Invite siblings to go in for one really cool, handmade or earth friendly gift for the grandparents. Collect enough from all the cousins to get Uncle Nice a fabulous piece of art. You get it- people pitch in as a group in lieu of a bunch of people buying, wrapping and shipping. It just makes sense!

Here are 10 Fun, Fresh Green Gift Options:

1. Eco Friendly Abstract Art on Salvaged Wood (12 SMALL Tree Rings)

These are a creative, cool eco-friendly gift perfect for any boss, friend or relative who digs artsy deco. You can create a custom arrangement based on the space. focuslineart, $300

2. EarthPan Eco Friendly Kitchenware

This is perfect for the foodie in your life who loves to cook but doesn’t want the icky chemicals on many stove top essentials- a GREAT group gift for an aunt, uncle, parents or grandparents. Perhaps you have a newlywed couple with ubertastebuds on your list? Pool funds and get them one gift they’ll use together to make all those fancy dishes the rest of us can’t. Earthpan 10 Piece Set $149.99. (Admittedly, not funky or handmade BUT the food that comes of it = no toxins and it’s a fresh idea for a great gift:).

3. Mirrored Wine Glass Holder

Cheers to great art! Hang two wine glasses on this fabulous, mirrored frame made from recycled metal. What a cool gift for the wine lovers in your life. LarsMetalReflection, $225

4. Upcycled Biycle Tire Clock

Got a brother who digs bikes? A sister who races downhill? Anyone in your family a beach cruising fool? Well, why not pitch in together and get an upcycled spoke-style clock? Love it. upcyclebicycle, $109

5. Elk Head Wall Art from Recycled Machinery

Know an urban soul longing for a trip to the backwoods? This Elk Head is created entirely from recycled farm machinery and is made in rural Pennsylvania. Gift hunters will score on this unique craftsmanship. Perfect in a work or social setting! TheSteelFork, $380

6. Recycled Glass Art

This whimsical piece is crafted from broken glass. It would be an excellent gift from the kids to a mother or grandmother. I can see it now in the entryway, capturing what winter sunlight it can find. RECreationsART, $275

6.  Peace of Art

This 44″ peace of art will make a BIG statement. It’s recycled and handmade and totally awesome. So, why not give peace a chance? (Especially when friends come together to split the cost!)  Uncommon Goods, $1900

7.  45 RPM Mirror

This retro record wall-mounted mirror by Jeff Davis will add a touch of color to any room in the house. The frame of the mirror is composed of 12 vintage 45 rpm records mounted on Trupan, a composite wood created from 100% sustainable lumber. Mirrors are made using actual vintage records from a variety of genres, and chosen for their visual appeal. EcoArtware $130

8. Coconut Shell Earrings, Hand Crafted in Thailand

Love these ‘Lotus Love’ earrings! Again, these would great from the grown up kids to the much deserving  mom. “Shaped by hand, lovely lotus petals of coconut shell nestle in shining silver.” Sustainable and simple. Novica, $104.99

9. BlueIQ Ecosystem

This is an excellent group gift for a boss or coworker because it’s an entirely balanced ecosystem fit for a small space, like a desktop. It’s clever, cool and fascinating. You can add shrimp and snails and plants, oh my! BLUEiQ $79 + accessories.

10. 7 FT Farmstyle Recaimed Dining Set

Last year, did you happen to notice time has taken its toll on the family table? Does it wobble too and fro? Are you short a few seats now that the grandkids have come along? Well check out this reclaimed dining set! It comes with 2 7 ft benches so the entire brood can brunch together. ModernRust, $759

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Inlu This! Burton Chopper Star Wars™ Board

by inlu blog patrol on November 3, 2011

Welcome to the AWESOME side. Your kiddo’s got plenty of plastic toys. He’s got enough “stuff” to fill up a walk-in closet. This year, use the FORCE of Inlu to coordinate contributions to cover the cost of the most badass, radical, excellent group gift, like, EVER.

This $189 ride-on galaxy blaster will take you from the living room to the white fields of that planet with the hairy white creature that captures what’s-his-face in that cave…nevermind.

This is a perfect group gift for the Holiday season. Your kid will LOVE it, the grandparents will be happy to pitch-in and the favorite aunt in Oregon is pumped to put some $ in the pool, leave a note and know there’s not going to be an 11th hour mad dash. You’ll be PSYCHED because you know that, AFTER the new year, when the snow starts to pile, this gift will be  put to good use!

Here’s how you’d use Inlu to make this Chopper happen (see SAMPLE):

1. You login (free account!) and create an Inlu announcement

2. Write some details about the gift your kiddo really wants

3. Opt to set a collection cap, have excess funds go toward a charity (I set this one at $189- again, optional)

4. Send to friends and family members you know would like to pitch in for this super gift

5 . You track and view contributions and notes from your dashboard, where you can easily send a thank you when the collection closes.

6. Then you get the $ in one check to go and buy the gift. Easy, that was, hmmn? (say in cute Yoda voice).

Sound good? Get started now, send it to yourself. Add recipients when you’re ready. Go easy on everyone, easier on the planet (less wrapping, shipping and “stuff” when you group gift).


25 Fabulous Group Gift Collections from REAL Inlu Users

October 27, 2011

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Peace, Love and Happiness from Inlu

December 24, 2010

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Featured Inlu: BTV Skate Park- Buy a Brick!

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