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What type of collection are YOU creating?

by Inlu Blog Patrol on October 6, 2012


Thanks to idea sharing with, and feedback from our Inlu users, we are thrilled to offer an enhancement to our service.  There are now three distinct types of collections you can create using Inlu.

The Gift Collection…
When you want to celebrate an occasion and give a gift in a more meaningful (and planet friendly) way choose the Gift Collection.   You can invite people to ‘in lieu of’ traditional gifting, give instead together toward something truly wanted.  The result: you see the joy (really) in receiving that special something, you see your guests get to enjoy the occasion without the hassle of the pre-party gifting runaround, and in the end, you feel pretty darn good.  A great solution, and everyone is happy.  SEE A GIFT COLLECTION SAMPLE.

The Gift Certificate Collection Option…
One step up is to use our Group Gift Certificate option by selecting a gift certificate for the perfect gift: a beautiful portrait session for the mom-to-be, a shop-till-you-drop for your favorite outdoor adventure seeker,  the perfect way to say “Thank you, teacher.” with a little something… fabulous, or perhaps a night of freaking yumminess for a well deserved friend (who might invite you to come along with!).

The NEW Cash Collection Option…
But sometimes, the need is to simply streamline the process of pitching in, in lieu of checks, in lieu of bake sales, in lieu of… wondering how the heck to bring your dream project to life.  THAT is when you can create a Cash Collection.  Straight up.  Invite YOUR PEOPLE:  be it your friends and family, your neighbors, your Facebook friends, even your outreach to mega-bloggers around the globe.  Let them know what your up to and make it easy for them to pitch in.  

With any type of Inlu, the sharing is easy and the result is meaningful.  That’s why our team’s mantra is “Every Inlu makes a difference.”  It does to us… and we like to believe it does to our Mother Earth too.  So bring it on people.  Group give for a happier planet. Yeah!

As always, we’re here for you:


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And the answer is…

by Inlu Blog Patrol on September 17, 2012



So I’m talking to someone about Inlu and prepare for the frequently asked question: “What is Inlu in five words or less.”

Sure we have a tagline:  “Group giving for a happier planet.”  And a true line (our internal mantra): “Every Inlu makes a difference.”  But these seem to make more sense when you already know what Inlu is.  I’m not a great writer, and I find this 5-word challenge to be very difficult.

The person I’m speaking with just had a baby.
I just had a baby… going on 15 years ago.

I started thinking about the difference in our lives… and that is when I figured it out.
The answer to Inlu is 294.

(Yes. I am also a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams for those of you being hit with a sense of familiarity.)

294.  Why?
For all of you who have just had that first little bundle of love enter your life… get ready to give.

You’ll give more LOVE than you ever knew you had.  You’ll give more TIME inside 24 hours than you ever thought possible.  And… you’ll give MONEY more frequently than any high powered budget forecaster will ever predict for you.  In fact, add another child or 2 to your family, and you’ll be amazed.

We estimate that in the next 15 years you’ll…

- give for 108 children’s birthday gifts (in addition to giving to your own kids)

- give to over 84 school related needs

- give for 21 teacher thank yous

- and probably just as many coaches & team related needs (21)

- you’ll help welcome 15 babies

- you’ll see 10 brides sparkle

- and you might help say goodbye to 5 people

- perhaps at least 5 times you’ll be the one friend someone will count on to help them celebrate something significant: be it a big birthday, a promotion, a move, a first marathon

- you might need to comfort 5 friends who’s paths haven’t gone quite as planned

- you might see 5 friends experience unexpected medical issues that need support

- but you’ll also see friends – and even their kids – working to bring dreams to life… either to support a cause they care about (let’s say 5 times)…

- or start their own non-profit to save the world in their own special way (5)

- and even see friends go for the impossible, by starting their own business (another 5).

When you put this all together… it brings you to 294 times across 15 years that you will want and need to give toward something special.

Since we went live three years ago, we have seen people use Inlu for all of these reasons… and more, to make the giving easier as a group.  To give what’s truly wanted and needed, while streamlining the process,  so instead they can focus on their own magical, human story as it unfolds.

So, when someone asks YOU what Inlu is… Just say “294.  Check it out…

Thank you.


P.S.  Happy 3rd Birthday Inlu.  I’m so glad you’re part of my human story.




Yes! :)

Inlu is the perfect way to simplify the giving process when there are multiple wedding registries.  Think about it this way:   An Inlu collection is really a ‘jelly jar’ that either the organizer or the honoree can ultimately use for whatever is wanted.

IF you simply want to alert friends about an easier way to contribute to the bride and groom, “in lieu of going through the registries” you can direct the funds to go the bride who can ultimately use the funds to buy whatever is wanted – either from the register or elsewhere.  Here’s a sample.

IF you wish to create an Inlu to collect for certain item/s you can invite friends to go in on it together – and even pre-purchase the item from the registry yourself, then use the collected funds to reimburse yourself.  In this case you would want to direct the funds to “you”  (or the person pre-purchasing the gift.)  Keep in mind that you never know how much will be contributed.  Here’s a sample.

And everyone who pitches in can sign the Keepsake message board for the bride and groom so they know who pitched in. So easy.  So good.

There’s lots of wedding gifting ideas here.  We like to say that Inlu is the Wedding Party Power Tool!

Happy to help and answer any questions here:


5 Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas… Inlu-style!

by Inlu Blog Patrol on February 4, 2012



According to there are five major gifts that couples are jazzed to get.

  1. Money. Young couples are often saving for a down payment on home, a car, paying off student loans and more.
  2. An expensive item off their registry. It’s hard to ask for that super chic item on the registry, even if it is the only thing you really want. Inlu is here to save the day.
  3. That uber sweet wedding night hotel room.  – memories, memories, memories they will be made, and why not do it in style?
  4. A wedding gift that stands the test of time.  – this could be anything special to the couple, with Inlu it could be a charity donation in their name!
  5. An extra sweet honeymoon:  A hotel upgrade, flight upgrade, anything extra to make that honeymoon even more special.

Of course each of these are easy to give with Inlu… where fabulous becomes affordable when everybody pitches in.

Inlu is the perfect and etiquette friendly way to coordinate MAJOR wedding gifts. Check out Inlu’s wedding page to learn more.  We’ll give you ideas, suggestions for the bride, suggestions for her bridesmaids and family.  All easy, simple, and etiquette friendly.  In the meantime, you make it easy for your friends and family to give the perfect wedding gift.  Nice.


Some of Inlu’s personal favorite wedding gift ideas?


Questions?  Send questions to our Office Of Etiquette where we are happy to help you find just the right way to Inlu.  :)




25 Fabulous Group Gift Collections from REAL Inlu Users

by inlu blog patrol on October 27, 2011

how inlu works

If you have used Inlu to collect for any gift, any charity or both, you know there are endless ideas out there. So many great gifts can be given by simplifying and streamlining the process! If you’ve never used Inlu but have wondered, what the heck are people collecting for ?, here’s a fabulous list of gifts and collections that will inspire you to collect for something awesome: something your friends, family members or yes, even you’d really love.

1. First House Deposit

2. iPad

3. Skateboard

4. Dollhouse

5. Legos

6. Design Your Own Converse

7. Tech Pen

8. Spa Treatments

9. Airplane Tickets

10. Camera Lenses

11. Bulk purchases

12. Tap Shoes and Tap Dance Lessons

13. Vespa Riding Outfit

14. Flowers

15. Wheelchair ramp

16. Medical Assistance Funds

17. The Beatles Video Game

18. Broadway Play Tickets

19. A Day At The Mac Store (gift certificate)

20. An Olympic Hopeful’s Training Fund

21. Fish Aquarium

22. A New Business Start Up Fund

23. Travel Funds for a Middle School National Championship Game

24. Drumset (and Headphones!)

25. Double Strollers and Infant Car Seats

Want to try it?


Etsy Artwork = Perfect Group Gift

by inlu blog patrol on September 17, 2011

Have you ever stopped in your tracks to gaze at a piece of art, thinking THAT would be a perfect piece in my house! Do you know an artsy couple about to get hitched? Do you happen to know a local artist you’d love to add to your collection? Could your inlaws use some artistic inspiration in their house? Well, Inlu makes it super easy to round up funds for artwork! And what better site to explore than Etsy? Here are some Etsy art shops that offer cool, unique pieces that would make the recipient smile! (Here’s a sample featuring artwork as the INLU GROUP GIFT),


Etsy Artwork by NewModernArt $245.00

Ben Will Studio

$150.00 USD © 2011 BenWill Studio.

New Wave Art Gallery

Original Painting Fine Art Modern Abstract by Henry Parsinia $450.00


LARGE Cherry Blossom Painting Gold Red Black Abstract Modern $285.00 USD

ChristineKrainock Contemporary Art

Modern, Abstract, Metallic Oil, Silver, Textured, Knife Painting $190.00 USD


Art Original Acrylic Painting of Ballerina at Rest in Old Studio Room In Repose $175.00 USD


Autumn Splendor -Original Acrylic Textured Painting $225.00 USD


JMJARTSTUDIO Original 3 Piece Painting 24 X 54 Inches $259.00 USD


AmyGiacomelli -- $275.00 USD


Sunshine Burst of Joy $315.00 USD

Collecting from a group to buy a piece of art is a cinch. Simply create an Inlu, explain WHY the artwork is special and invite people to pitch in!


Winter Dreaming: 11 Idyllic Inlu Group Gifts

January 25, 2011

Well, it’s a tad cold up in the Northeast. And I’m kind of over the frozen fingers and ice blocked toes. I’m inside, wearing a beanie, a scarf and a sweater. It’s not my favorite time of year. It’s not really anyone’s idea of a good time to watch the temps drop to well below [...]

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Love is a burning flame with a RED hot recycled wedding gift idea!

March 9, 2010

The Great Bowl O’ Fire This thing is the hottest wedding gift, anniversary or hard-to-shop-for-person gift idea, ever. John Unger hooks up some seriously sizzlin’ options for outdoor ambiance. Is there a special couple in mind– an outdoorsy duo perhaps –getting hitched? Do you know anyone that would LOVE this gift from the group? Collaborate [...]

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Om…Gift. Yoga is a GREAT group gift.

March 2, 2010

Skip the “stuff” and get right down…dog…to it. Ok, sorry. COREPOWER Yoga is an excellent gift for that special someone who’d appreciate balance and stillness, strength and calm vs. a pile of clutter. Give his & hers yoga passes as a wedding gift, a coach gift or even pitch in to celebrate a new mommy. [...]

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