Back to School…Top Five Ecofabulous Techy Gift Ideas

by inlu blog patrol on August 1, 2011

Staying up to date with the latest, greatest technology provides us with new, faster, and easier ways to communicate, create and have fun. Especially when it comes to back to school- we have to gather the gadgets to stay in the loop (where did the old fashioned books go??). The only bummer? This technology-driven upgrade cycle is typically very wasteful.  Inlu is all about great gadgets, especially as a group gift and one major, core ideas behind Inlu is….(drumrolll….) reducing waste!

In that frame of mind, I was heartened to discover some clever tech-oriented accessories over at Ecofabulous. These products accentuate my favorite tech gadgets with a minimal environmental impact.

1. Vers Shellcase for iPad

Check out the latest eco-friendly protector for your iPad: the Vers sustainable wood Shellcase. These cases are very attractive and functional. Made of sustainably sourced cherry, walnut or bamboo (Vers plants 100 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation for every tree used in their wood sound systems and accessories).


2. Eton Portable Soulra iPod Sound System
Five hours of solar charge time produces eight hours of rockin’ sound, plus the built-in handles mean this radio if the perfect picnic companion ($300).


3. Vers 1E Sound Isolation Earphones
Even Steve Jobs must be getting tired of those ubiquitous (and rather uncomfortable) iPod / iPhone headphones. Consider an upgrade to the Vers 1E, sound isolation earphones with a microphone and a touch of sustainable wood or bamboo.


4. Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags by F. Rock
Rock has crafted remarkably streamlined yet classic bags made 100% from reclaimed fabrics and leathers from top-brand menswear industry factory scraps. Perfect to protect the latest MacBook Air!

5. eBay Instant Sale
Finally, check out eBay Instant Sale, a program aimed at helping eBay users get rid of their old electronics in an environmentally responsible way, and make money in the process. Not a gift per se, but a very useful service.

This blog was thoughtfully crafted by our friend and trusted techie, Ed Shepard. Inlu would like to say “thank you” for writing this post!

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kevin duniho September 8, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Ahh, vindication for the wood ipad cases! Sarah told me it was too ‘Old Man-ish’! Harumph! Gettin one…

inlu blog patrol September 28, 2011 at 2:44 am

Go for it!

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