Etiquette, a la INLU (Part 1-of-5)

by inlu blog patrol on September 3, 2010

Voila, Etiquette Tips from Monica.

In an age of fast changing technology and web services, many times our cultural traditions are left behind. is the bridge that connects today’s web advantages with the respectful etiquette our celebrations require.  As we say, its all in the etiquette of the ask.

These Etiquette FAQs can help:

1. Is it ok to ask my friends to pitch in money?

Yes, if you do it in a respectful way.  Inlu invitations present the ‘collection’ as secondary.  The primary message – and the first your friends will see – allow you to explain what you’re doing.  The etiquette rule simply says to explain yourself and present the request for a collection as a solution and an option.

For Example:  If you want to invite people to pitch in for your child’s annual ski pass for his/her birthday, you could say:

“A number of you have asked what the Bob wants for his birthday.  Bob is really looking forward to another year of great skiing, so if you’d like to pitch in for his ski pass he would be thrilled!”

Or, if you’re having a dinner party and don’t want it to seem like it’s a hard-sell fundraiser…

“We hope you can join us for a night of wining and dining.

And in lieu of bring anything, you’re invited to support this awesome charity that means so much to us.  Completely optional of course.”

See?  It presents the group gifting as the perfect solution for everyone – your guests know exactly how to contribute to what is wanted and feel like part of something special.  And you look like a solution provider that reduces waste… and hassle. Now that’s polite!

Remember: with Inlu invitations, pitching in is always completely optional.  Guests are more than welcome to RSVP without pitching in.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing Inlu Etiquette, PART 2.


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